Therapy and Addiction
Registered charity no. 1001149

We do not operate a drop-in service and ask that you please self-refer by telephone if you are not being referred by a health professional or similar.

  1. Synergy,  Rose Hall,  Billericay.

“To work in partnership, to support individuals and families within a holistic and sustainable treatment service, for the benefit of the community.”




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01/04/15 to 31/03/16 
67% increase on previous year
01/04/15to 31/03/16   
3% increase on previous year
01/04/15 to 31/03/16     
125% increase on previous year
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About us
Synergy is a local therapy and addiction centre and helps people of all ages who are suffering from an unhealthy dependency to achieve a meaningful recovery with full reintegration into their family and society. 
Issues most frequently addressed are the effects of addiction to alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, gambling, relationships and sexual activity.  Our strategies include treating the addiction as well as the underlying issues, which can range from trauma, abuse, bereavement, post-traumatic stress disorder, and unmanaged mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.


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Funding area
we offer free services in south east and south west Essex area. We hold Open Sessions and Structured Groups. For more details and addresses please click on our 'Services' page.
If you are outside of our funding area you are still more than welcome to access our services, but there will be a small charge incurred.