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Synergy Wristbands

Synergy wristbands are available from the Billericay office, with a requested donation of £1 per band.  All money will go towards supporting the services that Synergy provides.

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Fundraising Ideas

There are so many reasons for getting involved in fundraising.  As well as the obvious benefits to Synergy, fundraising can have a very
positive impact on the lives of the fundraisers!

There are many different ways to get involved and help raise vital funds for Synergy and here are some ideas. Some on a small
scale and some larger if you have the time and energy!

Abseil - Take part in the annual Harlow Tye Rotary Charity abseil -see our Fundraising News for photographs and details of past events.
Auctions - organise a charity auction or take unwanted goods to your local auction house to sell on your behalf.  Local auctions include Brentwood - 01277 224599 or Chalkwell in Southend-on-Sea - 01702 675240. Ideal for selling antiques, porcelain or for house clearances.
Baby face - Get work colleagues or members of a club to bring in photographs of themselves as a baby. Stick them all up on a large piece
of paper or card and charge participants a fee to guess who they all are. Offer a prize from the proceeds to the person who gets them all
Bag Packing at local Supermarket - Ask your local supermarket if you can take Synergy fundraising pots or buckets into the store and
fundraise for a day by packing bags for a few hours.
Bike Rides (sponsored) -There are lots of organised sponsored rides you can get involved in, or if you prefer, plan your own route. 
Birthday presents - If sobriety or improved mental health is the best present you have received this year, why not ask friends and family
to donate to Synergy in lieu of presents.
Boot sale - collect items through Synergy or friends and family. Hold a stall and donate the proceeds to Synergy.
Bucket Collections - Most high streets and shopping Centres require permits to have fundraising stalls or bucket collections.  You can
either obtain permission from your local council or ask your local supermarket if you can hold a stand in their store.
Car washing - In your neighbourhood, or perhaps at work or in fire stations etc.
Charity Christmas Cards - We have two designs of excellent quality Christmas cards, each priced at £3 per pack.  Inside the cards and
on the back is our logo with the words ‘Synergy Therapy Centre’ and our charity number.  No other details are given on the cards, which
are ideal if you wish to be discrete about our services.  Why not take a block of 10 or more and see if you can sell them on our behalf.
Coffee morning - Good at making cakes or perhaps a friend is?  Why not hold a coffee morning at home or your local hall and sell hot
drinks and a piece of cake?
Competitions - We have a couple of competition quizzes which we can print off. We can print off 50 at a time. These can be then be sold
for £1 each. Those who successfully complete them will be entered into a prize draw.
Cream Tea Party - Hold a tea party with scones, jam and cream at home and charge friends and family.  Why not put on an old film or
musical for entertainment.  You can hire classics from your local library very cheaply.  Profits can go to Synergy.
Disco - Are you good at organising?  Why not plan a children’s disco in your local hall.  You could charge an entry fee, with all profits going
to Synergy.
Dress Down Day at Work - Why not organise a dress down day or a wear ‘blue and red’ day (Synergy Logo Colours) at work or your local
school to raise funds for our new family services we are planning in Brentwood. You could charge £1 each or whatever people wish to
Easter Egg Hunt - Pop down to your local supermarket or wholesalers and purchase a variety of eggs.  Invite family and friends with
children to take part in an Easter Egg hunt in your garden.  If your garden is too small, borrow someone else’s or ask your local place of
worship.  You can take what you spent out of the proceeds from ticket sales and donate the profit to Synergy.
Face Painting - Are you good at this or do you know a face painter who would donate their time for free?  Perhaps you could combine this
with the coffee morning or Easter egg Hunt.
Food competition - How about a ‘Bake off’.  You could hold this at home amongst friends and family or at your local club or place of
worship/ school/ pre-school.  You could charge participants to enter and get their entries judged.  Synergy staff are very good at judging
Football Tournament - Do you or your children belong to a football club? If so how about organising an event with proceeds going to
Golf - How about organising a charity golf tournament at your club?
Halloween party - How about arranging a Halloween party at home or in a hall for your children and friends/family? You could charge an
entrance fee or put on some games and charge per game.  Some ideas include:  Pin the Tail on the black cat: Draw a cat on an A3
sized piece of paper and cut out a bunch of tails with sticky tack on one end.  Blindfold the children / or adults! Turn them round twice and
see how near they get.  Spaghetti worms: Break uncooked spaghetti in half and cook.  Place the drained pasta in a large glass jug or
bowl.  Add a few coins of different value, or wrapped gifts.  Give the participants an allotted time to delve into the jar of ‘worms’ to see what
they can find.  Doughnut Dare: String iced ring doughnuts onto a piece of string and tie the ends across the room, or get two adults to
hold them up at participants head height.  Ask participants to hold their hands behind their backs and see who can be the first to bite their
doughnut!  Happy Haunting!
Jumble Sale - Ask for donated clothes and hire your local hall to sell you items in. Most local halls charge very little for charity events, or
are sometimes free.  Advertise at Synergy on our website, Twitter and Face book and place adverts in local newspapers and local ‘what-
on’ guides. Again, this is often free if the funds are going to a charity. This would require a team of fundraisers.  How about friends and
family, or the Service Users Groups at Synergy?

Marathon events - How about a group of friends of colleagues getting together to hold a marathon event where you work in shifts over a
period of time.  Perhaps aim for the Guinness Book of Records!  You could try dancing, darts, tennis, swimming, walking.  The list is
Murder Mystery Evening - Kits can be bought very reasonably containing invitations with dress code, CD’s and clues, in fact all you
need to hold a fun and successful ‘Who Done it!’ mystery evening.  You could provide the food, or ask guests to bring a course each, and
charge a small participation fee.
New Years Eve Party/Gathering - You could hold a ‘Dry’ celebration, charging guests for non-alcoholic cocktails.
On-line Auction sites - Sell your or your friends unwanted goods on-line, and donate to Synergy.
Pamper Party - Invite your friends over for an afternoon or evening of pampering.  You do not have to be experts: Play some relaxing
music; Put on face masks; fill washing up bowls with hot water and soak your feet.  Paint each other’s finger/ toe nails. Bliss! Charge
friends an entrance fee.
Photographic Competitions - organise a competition - perhaps have a theme, i.e. Portraits; Wildlife; landscape etc. Ask your local
photographic club or friend to judge. Charge an entrance fee.
Quiz Nights - Organise a quiz in your local hall.  A lot of halls can be hired for free or for a very low cost if for charity. You could donate
chocolate to the winning table and lemons to the last team.
Recycling for Synergy - You can recycle your unwanted mobile phones and ink cartridges through Synergy!
Donate your old handsets, inkjet cartridges and toners and SYNERGY will receive up to £30 per handset and up to £5 for cartridges and
toners. Contact a member of the team for some freepost envelopes to send off your items and SYNERGY will receive the money directly. 
There are also collection boxes at the Synergy Centre in which you can deposit your old mobiles and cartridges.
Running - Ever fancied the local half marathons? Perhaps get your running club to hold a sponsored race for Synergy, or you could take
part in the local annual Brentwood 10K run.
Swear-box - Place boxes around your office or home. Put in some silver every time someone slips up.
Support Synergy When You Shop Online - is a FREE service where you can shop with over 2000 of your
favourite online stores and at no extra cost raise funds for any charity you choose to support.  You still shop directly with each retailer as
you would normally, simply by using the links from this site first. Each purchase made will generate a cash  back donation to Synergy.
Register for free at, selecting Synergy as your chosen beneficiary, and add the link to your tool bar at the top
of your internet browser page. Each time you shop online, use the links on this website to access online stores instead of typing in the
addresses yourself, and a donation from your purchase will go straight to Synergy. Browse the ‘Free Funds’ section to raise money
through various offers and trials. Contact Jodie at Synergy on 01277-655622 for more information.
Teddy Bears’ Picnic - This is ideal if you have toddlers and/or small children.
Invite friends with little one’s round with their teddies for a picnic in the garden. If the weather is  not fair, you can still hold it indoors.  Lay   
blankets on the floor and serve sandwiches and nibbles.  Charge an entrance fee.      
Theme Days - If the ‘Dress Down Day’ is not fun enough for your office, why not hold a French/ Italian day,   1970’s/ 1980’s etc.  Charge
for all participants.
Walking - Join us at the John Baron Fun walk held at Barleylands Farm, Billericay in May each year.  There are two walks, the longest
being no more than 3 miles long.  The shorter is suitable for families, toddlers and those in a wheelchair. We also hold a stall in the barn.  If
you wish to support us by walking or helping out on the stall, please contact the office.


We would like to give thanks to all those who have already helped and continue to help fundraise and raise awareness for Synergy.