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Timetable to be found below

One to one counselling       This is an open ended service in which we aim to create a confidential and safe space where you can explore any difficulties or distress you may be experiencing or have experienced. We aim to provide a non judgemental environment promoting you to share freely. Our team consists of counsellors and psychotherapists, drawing upon CBT, humanistic, and psychodynamic theories.

Breaking the Cycle      This is a 12 week structured relapse prevention programme consisting of 3 sessions a week. This programme will help you learn and understand more about your substance misuse. As well as find coping strategies to help you manage difficulties that may arise during your recovery. The group is facilitated by a counsellor.
Relatives' Group          This is a structured group  open to all relatives of people that suffer from substance misusers, whether the user in question is registered with us or not. It is for them to have a confidential space to talk about issues that may be affecting their lives.
Open Sessions              We hold weekly open sessions In Billericay and Wickford.  Open session is a confidential space in which clients are listened to and supported. This is facilitated by a counsellor in a non judgemental environment, allowing people to work on their substance misuse and ongoing sobriety.
S.T.A.R.T.                         This stands for ‘Start Treatment for Alcohol Reduction Today’. It is a structured reduction programme facilitated by a counsellor offering a safe reduction for alcohol misuse.
Peer Support                 This is not facilitated by a counsellor, instead it is a time where clients can come together to support one another, and also discuss ideas for anything else that they would like to gain from our services.
Coffee, Chat & Crafts    Facilitated by a counsellor, this is a space before the weekend that gives clients an opportunity to express themselves through creative means.
Intimacy and Relationship             This course looks at our everyday and past relationships e.g. parents, friends, partners, and how they affect our lives. It explores fears around relationships, trust, engulfment and abandonment, along with communication and understanding emotions. It also looks into different levels of intimacy and how it shapes us. This is a closed course and has limited spaces.
Stress and Anxiety  This is a closed, 6 week course. The purpose of the course is to identify triggers and symptoms of stress and anxiety, the way they manifest, how the body reacts, ways to address them effectively, working towards adopting a healthier life style as a result. 
Self esteem and assertiveness     This closed, 6 week course is aimed to help you rebuild your self esteem, self-confidence and assertiveness. With the emphasis on focusing on yourself to understand the relationship between your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. It will help guide you to determine the difference between assertiveness and aggression, and the causes of high and low self esteem.  This course will provide you with the skills and techniques required to appreciate the importance of positive change and making right choices.
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If you would like a printed copy of our timetable, please download and print or alternatively pick one up from our office.