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Sean's Story
We would like to thank Sean for telling his courageous story in this video. It was used as a valuable addition to our AGM.
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Michael              "Thank you so much for everything that you and your team have done for me in the past twelve months. When Sarah first assessmed me about a year ago, I had no idea of, and even less belief in, the extent of the renaissance possible in me. The culture of care pervades all of Synergy from the moment one walks through the door. It is equally the case on the telephone as soon as it is answered. To Sharon and Darlington, thank you for giving me first the hope and then the belief that change was possible. I am so grateful for your perseverence and for the work you and everyone else did in putting the business case for my detox. To Billie and Jacqueline, I am almost (but not quite!) lost for words to express my admiration for your work. Your passion for people makes the world a better place. Alongside the benefits I have had from attending Breaking The Cycle and the Relationships and Intimacy sessions, sits the privilege of watching you work with others; I hope that all of your participants derive as much from Synergy as I have done. For me it has been a little victory won, from the miracle that you have worked."
Graham            "I have been privileged to be part of this fantastic course (Breaking the Cycle), and can honestly say that it has changed and probably saved my life. The content and relevance were perfect. Sharon and Darlington have been nothing short of brilliant and are professional, polite, attentive and genuinely caring. All I can say is Thank you!"
Brendan          "The best thing I have ever done for my addiction is going to Synergy. The ongoing help has helped me and will continue to"
Anonymous    "I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all Synergy staff for all of your help and support over the years.  If it was not for you guys I wouldn't be here today."

Mark                    " I found I was no longer alone.  I was given self belief where before there was only self loathing.  Being taught how to manage my illness and to lead a full and productive life."

Clare                    "Synergy has helped me so much after detox, the staff are brilliant, so are the groups."

David  (relative)  "In view of the incredible therapy services that the Synergy Therapy Centre are able to provide I wanted to support the charity in some small way and this felt that it would be helpful if I could raise some funds for you. I have spoken to some friends and contacts and have been able to raise the sum of £1000 and I am enclosing cheques totalling this amount. "

Sandra                "To all the staff at Synergy, thank you for everything and all your hard work and support."

Tony                     "Excellent service, I would not have stayed sober if it was not for your care and support.  Excellent aftercare."

Carol                   "This has been the best 7 months of my life.  I cannot believe the transformation it has made to me. I feel I am now able to move forward and I cannot thank you enough."

Rhiannon (Relative)  "The advice you have given has made such a difference."

Adele                       "Another brilliant course. Thank you so much for allowing me on the 3 courses."
Kieran                      "You're brilliant."
Paul  (relative)   "You are like a cool drink on a hot summers day, so refreshing to speak to someone who is so helpful."
Anon                      "My counsellor was excellent and we built up a trusting relationship over the sessions.  Things made a lot of sense whilst talking to her, however, I realise there is only one person who can make the necessary changes in my life to improve my situation and circumstances and relationships....ME!! I would definitely consider using your services again if I feel I need the extra support, understanding and encouragement."
Claire                    "Talking about the serious bits and the not so serious was brilliant. I was able to laugh and this has made me realise that I can still enjoy myself without alcohol.  I have not been tempted since I attended, and as a result would like to try and come two evenings a week".  

Tony                      "I would like to thank you for all the hard work you do at Synergy."
Mark                       "If it was not for the Pre-Detox Group at Synergy I would be dead. I enjoy coming to the meetings because they have given me the encouragement and motivation to cut down the drink in order to eventually give up. I don't know what I would do without it, it has given me the will to live my life."

Peter                      "I wanted to stand up and tell everyone how great your service is.  I came to you for a while and have managed to stop drinking altogether.  I just wanted you to know how thankful I am."
Tony                      "Would like to thank synergy for another year of your help and support, coming up to 2 years and 8 months without an alcoholic drink, you're a great organization. Many thanks, you all have helped me become a better person"

Paul                       "Your service has been amazing for me. I now see things differently and has a great insight into my behaviour.
Peter                     "After attending several group sessions, I have realised that is has helped me very much in my recovery from alcohol dependency."
Gill                           "Pre-detox last week was the best week I have had in the past year, coming to Synergy has made such a difference to my life."

Paul                         "Just one thing - Thank you!"
Pauline                   "The counsellor was excellent!"
Anon                        "Pre-detox Group Excellent - I feel understood and it makes me feel valued"
Anon                        "Pre-detox Group It's better than AA and it works -woowoo!"
Mum  (relative)    "I have my son back"
John                          "The support I have received has been invaluable"
Tracey                       "If it wasn't for one to one counselling I would never have managed to go to residential detox and rehabilitation and get to where I am today."
Husband (relative)    "I have always loved my wife and now I have her back. We are back as a family."

John                           "Synergy has not only given me support to overcome my Alcoholism, but... also support for something that is really beyond there brief: my cancer. The staff have been sympathetic; shown empathy; and have had the patience to listen. For this I am very grateful."

Louise                         "Without the help from Synergy I would not be where I am today."
Pyschiatrist at Basildon Mental Health Assessment Unit         "I have heard a lot of lovely things about Synergy.  We are really pleased for you to be here, bridging the gap between the mental health unit and community support"
Jane                            "I dont' know if I would still be here if it was not the for the help I recieved from Synergy."
Sue                               "Breaking the Cycle and Synergy have changed my life!"

Sandra                       "Open session & BTC has saved my marriage, and completely changed not only my view on services like yours, but has changed my life in the process."
Tony                            "BTC group gives me positive feelings and a good structure, being an abstinence based group makes it valuable when things feel a struggle."

Andy                            "Open session & BTC have been such a comfort to know such Great and professional support is there for me. The best help I have ever received." 
Anon                            "Very helpful, very friendly, have helped me a lot and have made a great difference."

Jen                               "All of these groups i attend help me a great deal, they keep me safe!! We all work as a team and support and respect one another."
Jamie                          "Positive attitudes, lots of support in both groups. I have never felt embarrassed discussing my problem."
Helen                           "I really enjoy the open sessions and peer support. I have made friends with lovely people who are a great support to me. BTC is an excellent course. I have learnt so much that will help me in my recovery."
Lynsey                         "First time in my life I feel stable. Synergy has truly changed my life and given me the strength to carry on."

Edward (relative)     "Thank you for your service and helping my son get into Greigg house. I will be sending a voluntary donation through the post and have faith that you will continue to help Gary down his road to recovery."

John                             "I had my last therapy session with Synergy today.  I will miss my therapist , because she has been most helpful in stopping my heavy drinking; helping me control my thoughts, so that worrisome ones do not keep going around and around in my head, and showing me how to live my life from day to day and not allow unhelpful thoughts about the fictitious future to plague me.  Some other client needs her assistance more than I do now.  And many thanks to all the other Synergy staff that have been kind and very helpful.  I sincerely wish Synergy a growing and successful future."

Matthew                      "BTC is a great course. The staff are great, understanding but professional. I would recommend this course to any problem drinker/alcoholic."
Anon                              "All the staff at synergy are kind, helpful and understanding."
Wayne                           "highly recommended, synergy is a great place to get help."
Eileen                            "Synergy is the best support I have ever had - long may it continue."
Eileen                             "I can't praise synergy and breaking the cycle highly enough.  It gave structure to my life where I had none.  Working in a group and sharing thoughts and problems has given me my confidence back.  I feel stronger and more able to cope because of the tools that the course has given me.  I have found all the staff to be professional and caring and a huge part of my recovery."

Danny                            "Highly recommended not a bad experience at all.  Really helped me find myself."
Matt                                "Even after only a few days at Synergy almost all of the staff knew my name,  they all helped to create a kind, warm and welcoming environment. Synergy have given me so much help and have frequently gone above and beyond to help me out.  I owe my sobriety and peace of mind to all the wonderful staff, both councellors and admin.  Thank you"

Sean                                "Even with a rather daunting title, the Initimacy and relationship group was amazing, the pacing, ice breakers and creative therapy really helped to gain a lot of self awareness in such a short time scale. Highly recommended to everyone."

Gary                                 "You have given me the greatest gift off all, in enabling me to find myself"
Stephen                           " In the last 25 years I have been battling with my alcoholism, I have never been on a course that is very helpful as Breaking the cycle."

Christian                           " I am 5 weeks sober for the first time in 30 years and I would have not been able to do without my 1-1 counselling and support synergy groups"
Graham                             "This is what I needed for me to remain alcohol free"
Nigel                                   "This is working, and I am learning a lot about myself"

Michelle                             " I would recommend this course to anyone, it has helped me a lot"
Richard                                "I really enjoy both evening open sessions at Billericay and Brentwood, I get benefit from both evenings and I especially like the Billericay Tuesday night."

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