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Synergy has been providing support to the community for over 30 years; offering a wide range of free treatments, all designed with one common goal: ‘to improve your health and wellbeing’.

Synergy provides help to people of all ages who are suffering from an unhealthy dependency to achieve a meaningful recovery with full re-integration into their family and society.  Issues most frequently addressed are the effects of addiction to alcohol. However, we also provide support for addiction to food, drugs, shopping, gambling and relationships within our private services

Synergy not only treats the addiction, but the underlying issues which can range from severe trauma, abuse, disability, bereavement and unmanaged mental health issues, in order to break the cycle of detox, relapse, detox.

In addition to our addiction services, we also provide support for those experiencing difficulties arising from stress, depression, panic attacks, physical problems, relationship problems, anger management, anxiety and bereavement.

We have a highly qualified and professional team of clinicians with expertise in many areas of therapy.  Some of the services we offer include One to One Counselling, Group Therapy, Structured Day Programmes, Detox Referrals and Open Sessions.

We support adults , as well as their family and friends.

People can be referred to us by local GPs, hospitals, schools, health visitors or other agencies; many also seek our help by coming to us directly.  If you would like to have an informal discussion, make an appointment for a free initial assessment, or would like to know more about any of our services please call the number above.

Synergy is a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), FDAP (Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals), NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association), and NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations).
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